NMK AGRO Industries (Pvt) Ltd

NMK Agro’s range of all natural coconut products are created using physical processes that do not damage the product in any way or remove any nutrients from it. No harmful chemicals are used during the process, so the quality of the product is higher and the environmental impact is low.

NMK Agro Industries began over 35 years ago as a small oil mill that used traditional Sri Lankan methods to produce coconut oil for its village. The once small oil mill has now evolved into a state-of-the-art facility producing goods that are distributed worldwide.

The principles and values that lay at the heart of the company, however, have not changed. The company remains true to its roots and the deep cultural attachment it has to its society and people reminds the company of whom it serves. Traditional attitudes of responsibility and accountability to the environment still guide the company today. NMK uses the inspiration of its past to build better things for the future. Continuous innovation in natural, organic food processing, broadens the range of coconut products available, giving consumers the healthiest and best possible food.

In line with our mission, we commit to bring to you, all the goodness of coconuts, from the tree to your table. Below are a few points as to why NMK should be your total coconut solution.

  • Stable and consistent supply of coconuts from Sri Lanka’s largest organic and natural coconut land bank to ensure that the growing demand for coconuts is met.
  • Our organization is vertically integrated which ensures that every step of production is closely monitored, and it further assures that we use nothing but the best from our very own plantations to the manufacturing process.
  • Guaranteed high product quality, with our highly trained quality assurance team, in-house lab and world-renowned quality procedures and certifications (GMP, ISO 22000, BRC).
  • Our products are certified by some of the major organic certifications which include USDA, EU organic, JAS and Korean organic.
  • We work with and are trusted by some of the world’s largest brands in the market.
  • Exclusive production of some products which have the potential to revolutionize the market such as, our coconut spread and infused virgin coconut oils.
  • We own successful brands and also do private labeling for some of the leading brands in the world.
  • Each product can be customized from flavor to packaging to meet the requirement of the target market.
  • We have a dedicated team here in Sri Lanka to support potential partners in all aspects of the business.
  • We can work closely with potential partners in executing marketing strategies to ensure that the brand’s quality and story is conveyed to the target market.
  • We will be able to render support in price adjustments to ensure that the brand is competitive in the market.
  • Sri Lanka is home to several super-foods that we hope to launch in future, which means that the brand could diversify into other super-foods.
  • Strong contingency and risk management strategies have been put in place to ensure that supply of our products are not disturbed. We have five factories in various locations, and plantations scattered across the country.

The family values and ethics that the company was built on still very much remain an integral part of the organization. As NMK grew, so did the community around it with over a 1000 people being employed in the company, from the workers in the factories to the herders who graze their cattle on the plantations. NMK is and will always remain a family.

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NMK AGRO Industries (Pvt) Ltd
No.627, Dr.Danister De Silva Mawatha,
Sri Lanka.

Tel : (+94) 011 2673338-9

Fax : (+94) 011 2672323

nmk@nmk.lk / dileepama@nmk.lk

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All Natural NMK Agro’s range of all natural coconut products are created using physical processes that do not damage the product in any way or remove any nutrients from it.
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