Our state of the art laboratory ensures that all raw material that enter the factory and all finished goods that leave the factory meet stringent quality standards. We take no shortcuts in ensuring that our customer gets nothing but the best from us.


Our laboratory is also home to our research development team who constantly work on means of improving existing products and also on innovating new coconut based products. Using the best of modern technology and combining traditional methods of non-destructive food processing with modern research, our team is able to create new products from the extremely versatile coconut.

All Natural

All Natural NMK Agro’s range of all natural coconut products are created using physical processes that do not damage the product in any way or remove any nutrients from it.
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Why Coconut is a superfood?

The benefits of coconut should not be underestimated. Under the hard brown shell, the humble coconut is packed with macronutrients, natural fats, and minerals.

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