Organic Movement


This movement began with the demand for Organic Coconut-based products increasing at a phenomenal rate; we perceived that it was our duty to maintain a consistent supply of the highest quality organically certified coconut-based products to the market. However, we did this with the true intention of creating a greener planet and nurturing healthy people.

We initiated our own, “Organic Movement,” several years earlier after realizing the importance of having organic coconut products, and we have been able to support a large number of small and medium sized farmers during the conversion period. Currently, we have the largest land bank of Organic plantations in the country, allowing us to meet the growing demand. Our range of organic products, have been certified by the Control Union, Netherlands with EU, JAS, USDA and Korean Organic certifications.

Environmental Sustainability                                                                                                                           

Environmental sustainability is one of the main priorities of NMK Agro.

Our organic movement led many coconut cultivators to adopt eco-friendly methods of cultivation, from those of regular agricultural practices.

We optimize our production process through regular evaluation and utilize greener energy sources such as biofuels, wherever possible.

We also have a waste water purification plant, where we purify the water to ensure that no harm is done to the flora and fauna, surrounding our manufacturing facilities.


All Natural

All Natural NMK Agro’s range of all natural coconut products are created using physical processes that do not damage the product in any way or remove any nutrients from it.
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Why Coconut is a superfood?

The benefits of coconut should not be underestimated. Under the hard brown shell, the humble coconut is packed with macronutrients, natural fats, and minerals.

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