CSR Projects

We are proud to mention the fact that we are an integral part of our surrounding community. Our production facilities and plantations provide employment for many in the surrounding villages. NMK Agro’s efforts are not restricted to the livelihoods of people working directly and indirectly for us, but also focusses on the development of cultivation practices. We make contributions, and help many coconut cultivators to develop their plantations and assist them throughout the conversion period.

We also support the development of education and healthcare in our community, through various projects conducted by our company. Our beliefs in sustainable agriculture and humanity make propel us to make our community a better place.

Here are a few of the community projects we have completed so far.


In 2011, a book donation program was held, focused on the children of small scale farmers. The purpose of the program was to give the children access to knowledge and ideas that they might not usually have, and to nurture the next generation of farmers.
“Hada Suwa Medura” was a project completed in 2009 where a cardio center was donated to the Kurunegala Teaching Hospital. The building was officially opened to the public by Managing Director, Mr. Manjula Narayana. The project provided thousands of people with heart disease, easier access to treatment.
An eye clinic was held in the Trincomalee district in 2013 with the intention of serving the low income community in the area who could not afford the services of an optometrist or new lenses.
The restoration of a tank in Thanthirimale area in 2009 was carried out to contribute towards conservation efforts. The water tank was used by villagers in the area for cultivation and for their daily needs.
In 2013, wheelchairs were donated to differently abled children in Trincomalee. This was part of a humanitarian effort aimed at helping low income families in the area who had children with medical conditions.

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